Modern Mysticizm

Pittsburgh's First and Only Pagan Variety Show

PCTV Channel 21

Pittsburgh, PA

Dedicated to Enlightenment in the Arts Magickal

Join us for fun, education

and a little Hocus Pocus!

Ever wonder if a Love Potion works or how to cure a headache with a magickal brew?

Follow Kali & Lucien on an enchanted journey into the realms of Magick, mysticism and modern day paganism.

Tune in to learn about alchemy, earth religions, construction of magickal tools, tarot lessons, holidays and much more.

Each show will present assorted teachings from various traditions including Wicca, Ceremonial, Kabbalah, Voudon, Chaos, Egyptain, Hermetics and more in an easy to understand format.

Download The Celebrating The Solstice Episode

Download The All Hallows Eve Episode


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